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A Comparative Randomised Controlled Trial of the Effects of Brain Wave Vibration Training, Iyengar Yoga, and Mindfulness on Mood, Well-Being, and Salivary Cortisol

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2012 (2012)

Abstract: This randomised trial compared the effects of Brain Wave Vibration (BWV) training, which involves rhythmic yoga-like meditative exercises, with Iyengar yoga and Mindfulness. Iyengar provided a contrast for the physical components and mindfulness for the “mental” components of BWV. 35 healthy adults completed 10 75-minute classes of BWV, Iyengar, or Mindfulness over five weeks. Participants were assessed at pre- and postintervention for mood, sleep, mindfulness, absorption, health, memory, and salivary cortisol. Better overall mood and vitality followed both BWV and Iyengar training, while the BWV group alone had improved depression and sleep latency. Mindfulness produced a comparatively greater increase in absorption. All interventions improved stress and mindfulness, while no changes occurred in health, memory, or salivary cortisol. In conclusion, increased well-being followed training in all three practices, increased absorption was specific to Mindfulness, while BWV was unique in its benefits to depression and sleep latency, warranting further research.

Ride Your Body’s Rhythm to Wholeness: Tapping into Vibrational Healing Techniques Used by Indigenous Cultures for Centuries

Awareness Magazine, July/August 2011

Vibrational healing techniques, or shaking medicine, are the oldest form of healing on the planet. They are believed to be the complement of the natural relaxation response.

Hope Always Floats

Inner Realm, November 2010

In an article on the importance of hope, the author shares her favorite quote from Brain Wave Vibration about looking beyond the obvious to what’s under the surface. There, you will always find hope.

Shake it up baby: A modern-day version of ancient brain fitness techniques

Tone Magazine, October 2010

“Shaking medicine and sound healing are performed by the oldest cultures in the world. Brain Wave Vibration combines ancient healing practices and energy training techniques from Korea with modern scientific understanding of the brain.”

Shake it Up, Baby! – Get your qi moving

Natural Communities, August/September 2010

Brain Wave Vibration brings us back to the natural instincts we had as a baby, but then lost as we grew older.

Get Your Ki (Qi) Moving with Brain Wave Vibration

Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, Summer 2010

The therapeutic benefits of Brain Wave Vibration are similar to those of Qigong, which include regulation of the nervous and cardio-vascular systems, as well as tapping into your own inner, vibratory resonance.

New Research on Brain Wave Vibration Published in Neuroscience Letters, June 29, 2010

A recent study found people who engaged in a regular Brain Wave Vibration practice were less stressed and displayed more positive emotions.

Shake It Up Baby!

Aquarius Magazine, May 2010

Shaking and vibrating is the oldest form of healing on the planet, believed to be the complement of the natural relaxation response.

Hello brain, how you doing?

Stress Buster Newsletter, April 15, 2010

The Stress Management Society in the United Kingdom tried Brain Wave Vibration at a local center and felt very chilled out after just one session.

Feel the Rhythm

Natural Health Magazine, February 2010

Reporter Jini Reddy visits a Body + Brain Holistic Fitness Center in Putney in the United Kingdom to experience for herself whether a new vibrational therapy from South Korea can really bring enhanced peace and enlightenment. After her class, which includes Brain Wave Vibration, she gains an awareness of her ability to make herself feel good using proven practical techniques.

Brain Wave Vibration: The Secret of the Brain Stem

New Connexion, July / August 2009

An excerpt from Ilchi Lee’s book, Brain Wave Vibration, is featured in this article, which describes how quieting the thinking mind can let the automatic, subconscious processes of the brain relieve stress and naturally care for body and mind.

Ilchi Lee Wins 2 Living Now Book Awards Local News Website, 2009

Ilchi Lee—Sedona-resident and world-renowned brain educator, artist, entrepreneur and author—received 2009 Living Now Book Awards for two of his latest books featuring Brain Wave Vibration.

Brain Wave Vibration: Find the Energy in You

Tathaastu Magazine, December 2008 – January 2009

Brain Wave Vibration is a very simple exercise that can have a profound effect on your ability to focus, think clearly, heal your body, and find peace. Often done to music, Brain Wave Vibration exercises use repetitive rhythmic vibration to calm your mind and allow you to connect with the life energy that resides in your brain.

Natural Insomnia Cure!

Woman’s World Magazine, July 20, 2009

A small box instructs the reader in Abdominal and Chest Brain Wave Vibration to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Personal health book, ‘Brain Wave Vibration,’ a hit for health and wellness readers

Georgetown Gazette Local Newspaper, January 8, 2009

On 8/8/08, Brain Wave Vibration was No. 1 in the mental and spiritual healing category, No. 2 in the motivational, personal transformation and personal health categories, and No. 16 overall on

Wave Your Stress and Tension Away: Enhance Your Brain with Brain Wave Vibration

Amaze Magazine, December 1, 2008

This article explains how Brain Wave Vibration works to relieve stress, and as a result affect many other areas of life.

Getting Older Means Getting Wiser: Using Your Brain to Its Fullest as You Age

Lifestyles over 50 News, September 2008

The book In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging by Ilchi Lee and Jessie Jones, PhD is filled with simple, yet highly researched and proven techniques for people over age 50, who may be starting to get nervous about what the future holds. One of these techniques is Brain Wave Vibration. This article includes instructions for Full-Body Brain Wave Vibration.