Finally Found Relief for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis


When I started Dahn yoga, I had been struggling with fibromyaglia and arthritis in my joints. I was taking celeste and carbidrine as well as getting cortisone shots in my neck and shoulder but nothing seemed to help. My doctors tried many things to alleviate my pain but nothing ever worked. I felt worse after every treatment! My daughter could see that I was suffering and she wanted me to feel better but without taking so many pills that didn’t help anyway. After all this, I was also beginning to loose my balance. I had trouble staying steady on my feet and I couldn’t walk up stairs without support. The pain and frustration was really getting to me.

When my daughter gave me a membership to the Dahn Yoga Studio in Andover for Mother’s Day, I decided to I would try this one last thing. Then I took several classes which is named Brain Wave Vibration. Almost immediately I felt my body change. I could feel energy moving in a way I had never felt before. The next day, I didn’t feel as much pain in my body and it was amazing! I started taking class regularly and also taking Brain Wave Vibration class. The Brain Wave Vibration class helped me change the way I felt in my body and also change the way I felt about my body. With the help of Brain Wave Vibration, I have stopped taking pain medication. I can walk up the stairs to the studio without any help. My life has improved so much! I’m not tired or depressed, I don’t need pain medication to get me through the day, I can sleep at night. My daughter and my family are thrilled with the new me. My doctor said my transformation is a miracle. I told him he’s right, Brain Wave Vibration is a miracle!

Angela Pisa