Haven’t Felt So Good in Years


Brain Wave Vibration "Haven't felt so good in years!"I started at the Dahn Center about 2 months ago and was sold on the Brain Wave Vibration. Prior to signing up with Dahn a friend of mine invited me to one of their Open Houses. I told my friend I would go because they were offering a free aura photo and an initial exam. They were offering a free yoga class as well but I told my friend I was not interested in the class since I detest exercise. So, I went for my free aura photo and exam and somehow got talked into the yoga class. Well, the class sold me on the program. We did a long class with lots of Brain Wave Vibration and I felt so good!! I hadn’t felt like that in years. I had no intention when I agreed to attend the open house to do anything but receive the free services. Now I go to two classes a day just so that I can experience more vibration in my body. I feel like a new person and I am loving every minute of it.

Susan Propst