Hip Bone Density


Last year after breaking my arm I was told after a Bone Density Test that I had severe thinning of my bones and was in danger of breaking my hip or back if I fell. I also was told the pain I was experiencing in my left hip was because I had really tight muscles that were rubbing over the bursa. My doctor told me she could give me a shot that would relieve the pain but I would have to promise to exercise. I decided to skip the shot and return to Dahn Yoga. I signed up for monthly healing sessions at my center. One result of these monthly sessions is that it has become much easier to do the exercises in class. I have more range of motion in my hip and I am now able to get up and down without my hip hurting unbearably. In fact, as long as I do the hip exercies it doesn’t hurt at all. But, what I am most excited about is I recently had a Bone Density Test and the results came back this week. My bones have improved and are now considered to have just minor thinning of the bone, and I was told to continue what I am doing. You can bet I will continue to eat a good diet, exercise at Dahn Yoga, and visit Master Ginny for a Healing Session each month.

Shirley Brooks