Relieved My Night Polyuria


I have devoted myself to meditation training at a small temple that was left to me by my grandfather. Koan is a Buddhist training method intended to help one gain realization, a method I practiced for a long time.

About six years ago, I got night polyuria, a condition that causes one to urinate frequently during the night. It is caused by kidney failure. I would have to go to the bathroom at least four, and as many as seven, times per night. Because I could not sleep well at night, I was always tired during the day. I had all sorts of medications. I also suffered from severe back pain caused by the renal failure, and it was difficult for me to go on with my training. I felt like my body was falling asleep and felt coldness throughout my body. When I went to a hospital to get a checkup, they told me that I had six benign tumors. The doctor told me that I had to have the largest ones surgically removed.

After the surgery, someone recommended Brain Wave Vibration to me, so I started the training as a member at a Dahn Yoga Center. The first day, I learned Dahn-jon Clapping (Abdominal Vibration, Brain Wave Vibration, page 142) and practiced Brain Wave Vibration for about twenty minutes. I was a little skeptical at first, but I put my mind on the vibration and practiced hard.

I was very tired on the way back to the temple on the first day. But that night, I didn’t wake up even once all night. Amazingly, I had solved my six years of night polyuria in only one night. I felt completely refreshed and full of energy. I couldn’t believe it.

It is not only my body that has improved through Brain Wave Vibration. I finally gained an answer for the koan that I was trying to understand for so long. I felt like some part of my brain was opening up and connecting with something. I started feeling true joy. My mind became happy, just like that of a child. I am now thinking about how I am going to share this realization and happiness with others.

I practiced Dahn-jon Clapping and Brain Wave Vibration whenever I had time. About a month after I started practicing at the Dahn Yoga Center, I went back to the doctor to have a checkup, and he was truly amazed. He said that all the tumors were gone except for a very small one. As I heard him say this, I thought, “Now I can live.”

Brain Wave Vibration gave me health and a new lease on life. I finally gained an answer for the philosophical puzzle I had been trying to solve for a long time. I finally understand what Buddha meant when he said: “Seek within your body. You cannot gain anything for thousands of years if you look outside your body.”

Seong Deok