Renewal from MS


I started yoga and Brain Wave Vibration with Maxine’s instruction at the Lakewood Dahn Yoga Center in July 2009. I have MS and have very limited use of my left arm and hand. They are so bad that I use the arm like a stump. I am unable to hold things, lift, grab, pull, push, spread fingers or use/move my thumb (hands and fingers are curled up in a frozen position). Also I have limited use of my left leg and walk with a limp and a stagger. My balance and stability are also bad and I suffer from much fatigue and low energy.

I have improved in so many areas … I am able to lift my arm higher and can hold it up longer. I can almost do some of the exercises I couldn’t do at all (like raising my arm up to my chest, face, or over my head). I have more foot and leg function, i.e., ankle rotation, able to put more weight on them, a little better balance, and a better range of movement. When I go to bed, only right before I go to sleep have I consistently been able to spread and straighten my fingers (yeah), move and bend my thumb back and forth, make a fist, grasp, bend/push/pull fingers in sequence, thrust my hand away from my body and pull it towards my body with no help from the other hand. I have also been able to raise my toes and pull the front of my foot toward me. I have noticed better balance when walking and even just standing. My stomach and abdomen have got tighter and stronger. I noticed more energy, less stress, more relaxation, and feel more at peace.

One last thing (although there’s more) … I smoke about two packs a day and have found myself not wanting to smoke and just not thinking about it (sometimes it even seems icky). I am now smoking less than a pack a day and I had not idea yoga would effect me like that. I didn’t even try to cut down, it just happened naturally and it seems that now, I don’t want to put that awful stuff in my body. 

I would say that it has boosted my self-esteem and confidence. I have definitely gotten more from yoga than expected and the improvements have come about so quickly. I’m so happy and have so much  more hope.

Thank you Maxine for your instruction and helping me so much!


Gina Wallace