Rescued from a Coma


I work as a nurse in the ICU and on my first night back at work I was assigned to a woman in her late 50s who suffered a heart attack and coded (heart and breathing stops) at home. Although CPR was performed by paramedics she sustained an anoxic brain injury (lack of adequate oxygenation to the brain causing damage) and was now on life support with a poor prognosis.

My first night working with her I began to massage her hands and arms whispering Chun Ji Ki Un(Cosmic energy in Korean) over and over again. A few hours later I started to do Brain Wave Vibration with her and by morning she opened her eyes!

When I returned to work the following night I was pleased to find out that she continued to have improvements throughout the day and was now able to blink when asked to blink! Although this was a great improvement several doctors agreed that this would be the extent of her improvement and that she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. On the second morning after Brain Wave Vibration and sharing Chun Ji Ki Un with her, she was able to nod her head yes and no to questions asked.

On my third night back to work I was sad to find that she had failed several attempts to wean her off of life support and had slipped back in to her coma. The doctors had discussed the prognosis with the family and a decision was to be made the next day as to withdrawal life support or not. Feeling the deep sense of urgency, love and gratitude, Brain Wave Vibration and Chun Ji Ki Un sharing continued. By 4 am she opened her eyes, wiggled her feet and smiled! By 7 am she was able to lift her head off the pillow, move her legs, lift her arms and smile!

The following night, after our bowing meditation class, I called to see how she was doing. I was pleased to find out that she had been successfully weaned off life support and had just been helped out of bed and into a chair for a cup of tea!

A week later, after returning to work, I was informed that before she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility, she was able to walk at least 50 ft down the hall!

Roxanne Luna